Currently 12464 votes are assigned to 1027 open bugreports.

The Top 10 most-voted bugreports and maintainer-wanted requests are taking a break this week.

Top 10 oldest open bugs:

Bug Bug description
1343 Later decisions need to be able to adjust earlier ones during graph building
1523 [reminder, tracker] distributed ebuild processing
2905 Support search in the contents of all available packages (installed or not)
4315 [Future EAPI] add support for version ranges in DEPEND
10735 request: equery showdeps
12784 requesting ebuild for Apache::ASP
16342 emerge command to take a --exclude option for some packages
20291 [EBUILD] New package: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client - ebuild and init scripts
21310 a standard way to install includes (doinclude/doheader)
21477 support for gcj as a JDK

Top 10 open bugs with biggest votes changes since last week:

Votes Bug description
+40 Native Portage Multilib Support
+31 [tracker] GCC 4.4 porting
+28 Plymouth "bootsplash" to get into Portage
+25 [TRACKER] dev-lang/perl-5.10.1, sys-devel/libperl-5.10.1
+20 dev-db/mysql{,-community}: version bump to 5.1.33/5.1.34/5.1.35/5.4.0
+20 app-emulation/vmware-workstation-7x ebuild Request
+20 net-irc/weechat-0.3.0 - version bump
+20 gnome-base/gnome-mount fails to mount media: isCallerPrivileged() failed
+14 Openshot ebuild request
+13 [TRACKER] openrc/baselayout2 stabilization

Top 10 most-voted bugs resolved since last week:

Votes Bug description
-40 www-apps/dokuwiki ebuild rework
-20 Stabilize postgresql
-16 sys-apps/915resolution doesn't recognize Intel 945GME chipset
-11 www-apps/dokuwiki version bump 2009-12-25 "Lemming"
-10 net-fs/samba-client-3.4.3 cannot list workgroup servers
-10 dev-embedded/scratchbox compile fails for ARM target
-10 sys-libs/gdbm-1.8.3-r4: enabling LFS seems to break with db's generated by non-LFS gdbm
-10 www-client/mozilla-firefox-3.0.5 - right click sometimes invokes random command from context menu
-10 net-wireless/broadcom-sta- stable request
-10 dev-games/irrlicht-1.6 Version bump

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